Yellowstone bourbon reinvented

Yellowstone bourbon reinvented


Longtime residents no doubt remember Yellowstone bourbon, a rather harsh whiskey produced in St. Louis and marketed locally as a regional novelty because of its connection to Yellowstone National Park. By connection, we mean the label, which sported an image of Old Faithful.

Well it was only a matter of time that the venerable old Yellowstone label was reinvented as a high-end small-batch whiskey. Limestone Branch Distillery has taken over the brand, and president and distiller Steve Beam has been hand-selecting batches and working on the flavor profile for this new boutique bourbon.

The good news: we’ve tried it and it’s pretty darn good! It has a nose of leather and dried fruit with a slight hint of citrus and smoky oak. It has a spicy rye taste with a whisper of dried cherries fading to smoked caramel, with a finish of brown sugar. This smooth whiskey tastes great neat, or enjoy it with a little ice or a dash of water.

We only have a few bottles of Yellowstone bourbon available, and we’ll be selling it one-per-customer, first-come first-served.