Very Old Barton, Very Good Bourbon

Very Old Barton, Very Good Bourbon

Very Old Barton

Bourbon lovers have a lot of great choices. Unfortunately, just about any bourbon that’s worth a darn is either impossible to get your hands on or priced beyond reason. Or both!

We hear every day from customers looking for a good, affordable bourbon. Which is why we’re excited for you to try Very Old Barton. At just $18.50, this bourbon is made by Sazerac¬†in Frankfort, Kentucky and aged for up to six years. It was rated 90 points by Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible, and chosen by Serious Eats as one of the 10 Best Budget Bourbons.

This is a best buy for any bourbon fan, and one you’re not likely to find many other places. And since the holidays typically mean going through¬†a lot of whiskey with friends and relatives, this is an affordable new favorite we think you’ll love.

Very Old Barton bourbon whiskey, $18.50 per 750 ml bottle.