Live music and events at Juniper


Juniper is proud to host regular live music acts, as well as other entertainment and special events throughout the year. We are pleased to play a major role in helping promote new and emerging local artists, chefs, brewers and other talented people making Cody a better place to live.

If you are interested in performing at Juniper (or being part of a tasting, guest bartender or other related special appearance), please get in touch with us and tell us why you would be a good fit for our space and our customers.

If you are a musical act, please read the information below:

  • Jane Bell
    Jane Bell

    Juniper typically books live music on Saturday nights year-round. We rarely offer live music on other nights. Exceptions include for holidays like New Year’s Eve of Fourth of July, as well as for special touring acts. But mostly, Saturday is our live music night.

  • Because we almost never charge a cover and our bar and patio have very limited seating, our live music budget is small — much smaller than most other venues in the area. We pay musicians, but fees vary depending on factors like: talent level, experience, fan base, repertoire and more.
  • We typically only have room on our patio stage or in the bar for solo acts, sometimes a duo in tight spots. We are rarely able to host acts of three or more performers, but will try to accommodate larger acts when circumstances warrant
  • The Henge
    The Henge

    We like to book a two-hour block for musical acts, typically from 8-10 p.m., with a brief break in the middle. Some nights, at the bartender’s discretion, acts can play longer. Other nights, due to guests in our upstairs loft suits, acts must wrap up promptly at 10 p.m.

  • We have an in-house PA system that includes: 8-channel amp/mixer, 2 loudspeakers plus a stage monitor speaker, 2 microphones, 4 mic stands, 2 patch cords.
  • Performers are welcome to sell merchandise and accept tips and keep all of those proceeds.
  • In an effort to support touring musicians, we sometimes make our stage and an overnight room or one of our on-site loft suites available on nights besides a Saturday night. Typically, we have little or no budget for performance fees. We often will offer a food and beverage credit and a nominal “gas money” stipend. We understand the value of paying performers and never ask musicians to “play for free” or “play for tips.” We offer this arrangement in the spirit of support for touring artists for whom it might be beneficial.
Kalyn Beasley
Kalyn Beasley

If you’d like to play at Juniper, please send an email to Ruffin Prevost (, who books our musical acts. Include:

  • Information about yourself, your musical style, where you’ve played, what your set might be like. Include a cell phone number.
  • Links to your music online, or attachments of MP3 files of your work, preferably live performances.
  • Details on any special gear or accommodations you might need as part of your performance. (Do you have your own special light/sound gear, do you need a room for the night, etc.)

If you are not a musician, but you’re interested in setting up a a tasting, dinner, cooking demonstration, puppet show, mixed martial arts fight, grizzly bear training workshop or other live event, please send a detailed proposal to

Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you as a performer or guest at a Juniper live event in the future.