Celebrate the Holidays with the ‘Center Cut’

Celebrate the Holidays with the ‘Center Cut’
Booker’s 2015 Batch: Center Cut Bourbon: $64

 “It was Dad’s tradition to gather friends around his kitchen table to taste and select the next batch of Booker’s Bourbon,” said Fred Noe. “And I’m proud to honor his legacy with this first Roundtable selection of 2015. This batch gives Booker’s Bourbon fans a look at the man behind the bourbon. A man who enjoyed the simple things in life, including a strong, robust bourbon, a juicy center cut of meat, and family and friends to enjoy it with.” 

Booker’s Bourbon Batch 2015: “The Center Cut” celebrates two of Noe’s “center” passions – the center part of the rackhouse for whiskey aging and the choice center cut of meat. It is said that Booker liked to age “his namesake barrels in the center of the rackhouse — the 5th floor — to achieve the robust flavor that Booker’s Bourbon is known for.” This is where the temperature, humidity and sunlight combine to produce perfect aging conditions. 

Michele got to meet the late Booker Noe many years ago, and enjoyed a drink with Fred Noe (pictured) during the 2010 Kentucky Bourbon Festival. She can tell you first-hand that the Noe family IS bourbon, so Booker’s Center Cut is sure to be a cult favorite.